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Join this Nation if you are tired of all the political bickering, and want to get away from it all.

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NO posts should be related in any way to politics. (Strictly enforced) This Nation is for those who want a break from politics. Join this Nation if you are tired of all the political bickering, and want to get away from it all!

Articles that are related in any way to politics will be deleted. If we notice multiple irrelevant posts from a member, he/she will be booted. I will be glad to consider readmission to the Nation upon receiving a written commitment to stay on topic. Here are The Rules:

Please Don't Spam the Group/Nation -- Multiple Nation postings are allowed, even encouraged, but please watch what you publish to the group/nation! Seeded articles are welcome, but originally written articles are preferred!

This Is a SAFE PLACE -- This group/nation was created by McSpocky in 2010. We shall endeavor to maintain the group in the spirit in which it was formed. As such, this nation is a SAFE PLACE. Anyone that creates ill-will and causes problems will be booted. Discussion is welcome, arguing is not. IF you wish to argue, please take it outside the group.

Please, Mind the CoH in all of your articles and postings!

Please, Be Tolerant and Encouraging of One Another. We're all friends, here. Please play nicely with one another.

This is NOT an X-rated group/nation.

The Group/Nation is what YOU make it! What interests you? What do you want to see? Please feel free to post here!

Please don't post anything even vaguely to do with politics! Thanks!!!

Back in April, 2013, someone with administrative powers gutted the Absolutely No Politics Nation. Sir Richard Owen and I (Grumpy Nigel) went to work and rebuilt the Nation from the ashes. We think we know who did the dirty deed and that individual is no longer a member of the Nation.

Here's the grim history:

GIVEN THAT THIS NATION HAS BEEN GUTTED ONCE, I, as group owner, will be the only person to accept new members or unblock or reinstate blocked members. Members and admin are allowed to delete or block but not invite or accept new members. Thank you, Grumpy Nigel.